I love tea.

You Feeling Down?

I want you to know that I care and someone out there loves you very much.
Take deep breaths. Count to ten and remember it's going to be all good! ☻

Favorite Mangas:

• Dengeki Daisy • Skip Beat! • Black Butler • Fruit Basket +MY FAVORITE SHOWS (Korean Dramas): • City Hunter • Boys Over Flowers • 200 Pound Beauty (It’s a movie.) • Dream High • Surplus Princess (aka The Mermaid)


Counter started in August 23, 2014 (8/23/2014) at 12:18 AM. Who are sippin' tea right now wuth me?

My favorite animes:

• Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun (New) • Hiiro No Kakera • Hanasakeru Seishonen • My Little Monster • Clannad • Vamprie Knight + Vampire Knight Guilty • Skip Beat! (I recommend you read the manga too it’s really good!) • Sword Art Online • Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day • Inu X Boku Secret Service • Neo Angelique Abyss • Free! (It’s pretty good.)